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(NOS) ERIC SERRA Goldeneye (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CASSETTE TAPE.jpg

(NOS) ERIC SERRA Goldeneye (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CASSETTE TAPE

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Virgin Movie Music – 07243 8410484 9, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – 07243 8410484 9, Virgin Movie Music – VUSMC 100
Cassette, Album
Electronic, Pop, Classical, Stage & Screen
Soundtrack, Electro, Downtempo, Score, Modern Classical

A1Tina Turner–Goldeneye4:46
Eric Serra–The Goldeneye Overture(4:24)
A2.1–Part 1: Half Of Everything Is Luck
A2.2–Part 2: The Other Half Is Fate
A2.3–Part 3: For England, James
A3Eric Serra–Ladies First2:44
Eric Serra–We Share The Same Passions(4:46)
A4.1–Part 1: The Trip To Cuba
A4.2–Part 2: The Same Passions
Eric Serra–A Little Surprise For You(2:02)
A5.1–Part 1: Xenya
A5.2–Part 2: D.M.Mychkine
Eric Serra–The Severnaya Suite(2:07)
A6.1–Part 1: Among The Dead
A6.2–Part 2: Out Of Hell
A6.3–Part 3: The Husky Tribe
A7Eric Serra–Our Lady Of Smolensk1:01
Eric Serra–Whispering Statues(3:26)
A8.1–Part 1: Whispers
A8.2–Part 2: Two Faced
A9Eric Serra–Run, Shoot And Jump1:05
B1Eric Serra–A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg4:28
B2Eric Serra–Fatal Weakness4:43
B3Eric Serra–That's What Keeps You Alone3:17
Eric Serra–Dish Out Of Water(3:57)
B4.1–Part 1: A Good Squeeze
B4.2–Part 2: The Antenna
Eric Serra–The Scale To Hell(3:43)
B5.1–Part 1: Boris And The Lethal Pen
B5.2–Part 2: I Am Invincible
B6Eric Serra–For Ever, James2:01
B7Eric Serra–The Experience Of Love5:57