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DREAM THEATER Distant Memories 3CD+2Blu-ray

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'Distant Memories - Live in London' brings together selections from 2019's 'Distance Over Time', in concert with the full and complete performance of 1999's 'Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory', in what was one of the most anticipated and historic evenings in Dream Theater history, ultimately becoming this instant classic.becoming this instant classic.

Inside Out Music ‎– IOMSECD 569, Inside Out Music ‎– 19439817552
3 × CD, Album
2 × Blu-ray, Stereo, Multichannel
27 Nov 2020
Progressive Metal

CD1-1Untethered Angel5:56
CD1-2A Nightmare To Remember16:37
CD1-3Fall Into The Light7:26
CD1-4Barstool Warrior6:43
CD1-5In The Presence Of Enemies - Part I8:43
CD1-6Pale Blue Dot8:52
CD2-1Scenes Live Intro1:45
CD2-2Scene One: Regression2:06
CD2-3Scene Two: I. Overture 19283:38
CD2-4Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu5:04
CD2-5Scene Three: I. Through My Words1:02
CD2-6Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy6:53
CD2-7Scene Four: Beyond This Life11:26
CD2-8Scene Five: Through Her Eyes6:46
CD3-1Scene Six: Home13:02
CD3-2Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity6:10
CD3-3Scene Seven: II. One Last Time3:49
CD3-4Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On6:40
CD3-5Scene Nine: Finally Free12:55
CD3-6At Wit's End (Encore)9:42
CD3-7Paralyzed (Bonus Track)4:35
BR1-1Atlas (Intro)
BR1-2Untethered Angel
BR1-3A Nightmare To Remember
BR1-4Fall Into The Light
BR1-5Barstool Warrior
BR1-6In The Presence Of Enemies - Part I
BR1-7Pale Blue Dot
BR2-1Scenes Live Intro
BR2-2Scene One: Regression
BR2-3Scene Two: I. Overture 1928
BR2-4Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu
BR2-5Scene Three: I. Through My Words
BR2-6Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy
BR2-7Scene Four: Beyond This Life
BR2-8Scene Five: Through Her Eyes
BR2-9Scene Six: Home
BR2-10Scene Seven: I. The Dance Of Eternity
BR2-11Scene Seven: II. One Last Time
BR2-12Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On
BR2-13Scene Nine: Finally Free
BR2-14At Wit's End (Encore)
Bonus Material
BR2-16Behind The Scenes