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MASSACRE Resurgence CD

RM 75.00

Label:Nuclear Blast – 60882, Nuclear Blast – NB 6088-2
CD, Album
Released:Oct 22, 2021
Style:Death Metal

Chapter 1: The Innsmouth Cycle
1Eldritch Prophecy6:24
2Ruins Of R'Lyeh5:26
3The Innsmouth Strain3:05
Chapter 2: The Void Cycle
4The Whisperer In Darkness3:58
5Book Of The Dead (Necronomicon Ex Mortis)4:10
6Into The Far Off Void4:12
Chapter 3: The Cursed Dead Cycle
7Servants Of Discord3:57
8Fate Of The Elder Gods3:15
9Spawn Of The Succubus3:19
10Return Of The Corpse Grinder2:33