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(Pre-order) METALLICA Master of Puppets BOXSET

RM 1,300.00



Recorded Sept.-Dec. 1985 at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mixed at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

Mastered at Sterling Sound. 

Limited to 25,000 Box Sets. 

© ℗ 2017 Blackened Recordings under exclusive license to Universal International Music BV.

Made in the Czech Republic. BIEM/SDRM. All Rights Reserved. LC 01846. 

Universal International Music B.V. Gerrit, Van Der Veenlaan 4,3743 DNBaarn, Netherlands.



Blackened Recordings ‎– BLCKND005RD-1, Blackened Recordings ‎– 00602557385182


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Repress, 180 Gram

2 × Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition

CD, Reissue, Remastered

9 × CD, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition

Cassette, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition

2 × DVD, DVD-Video, Multichannel, NTSC, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition

Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered




10 Nov 2017




Thrash, Heavy Metal


LP1: Master Of Puppets (Remaster)


LP1-A2Master Of Puppets8:35

LP1-A3The Thing That Should Not Be6:36

LP1-A4Welcome Home (Sanitarium)6:27

LP1-B1Disposable Heroes8:16

LP1-B2Leper Messiah5:40

LP1-B3Orion (Instrumental)8:27

LP1-B4Damage, Inc.5:32

LP2: Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL, May 25th, 1986


LP2-C2Master Of Puppets

LP2-C3For Whom The Bell Tolls

LP2-D1Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

LP2-D2The Thing That Should Not Be

LP2-D3(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

LP2-D4Damage Inc.

LP3: Live At The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL, May 25th, 1986

LP3-E1Fade To Black

LP3-E2Seek & Destroy

LP3-E3Creeping Death

LP3-F1The Four Horsemen

LP3-F2Guitar Solo

LP3-F3Am I Evil?


CD1: Master Of Puppets (Remaster)


CD1-2Master Of Puppets

CD1-3The Thing That Should Not Be

CD1-4Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

CD1-5Disposable Heroes

CD1-6Leper Messiah


CD1-8Damage Inc.

CD2+CD3: Interviews

CD2-1Metal Forces Magazine Interview With Lars

CD2-2Interview With Cliff

CD2-3Metal Madness Magazine Interview With Cliff

CD3-1WYSP Philadelphia "Metal Shop" Radio Interview With Lars & James

CD3-2Sounds Magazine Interview With Kirk, Cliff & Lars

CD3-3Swedish Radio "Rockbox" Interview With Lars

CD3-4Swedish Radio "Rockbox" Interview With Lars & James

CD4: Rough Mixes From The Vault

CD4-1Battery (October 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-2Master Of Puppets (November 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-3The Thing That Should Not Be (December1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-4Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (November 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-5Disposable Heroes (November 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-6Leper Messiah (December 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-7Orion (November 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-8Damage Inc. (October 1985 Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-9The Money Will Roll Right In (Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD4-10The Prince (Work In Progress Rough Mix)

CD5+CD6: Riffs, Demos & Outtakes From Lars' & James' Vaults

CD5-1Battery (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-2Battery (1985 From James' Riff Tapes II)

CD5-3Master Of Puppets (1985 From Kirks' Riff Tapes)

CD5-4Master Of Puppets (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-5Master Of Puppets (1985 From James' Riff Tapes II)

CD5-6The Thing That Should Not Be (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-7Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-8Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (1985 From James' Riff Tapes II)

CD5-9Disposable Heroes (1985 From Kirks' Riff Tapes)

CD5-10Disposable Heroes (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-11Leper Messiah (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-12Leper Messiah (1985 From James' Riff Tapes II)

CD5-13Orion (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-14Damage Inc. (1985 From James' Riff Tapes)

CD5-15Disposable Heroes (May 1985 Writing In Progress)

CD5-16Battery (May 1985 Writing In Progress)

CD5-17Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (May 1985 Writing In Progress)

CD5-18Disposable Heroes (May 1985 Writing In Progress)

CD5-19Battery (Early June 1985 Demo)

CD5-20Disposable Heroes (Early June 1985 Demo)

CD5-21Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Early June 1985 Demo)

CD5-22Master Of Puppets (Mid-June 1985, Writing In Progress)

CD5-23Master Of Puppets (Mid-June 1985, Writing In Progress II)

CD5-24Master Of Puppets (Mid-June 1985 Demo)

CD6-1Disposable Heroes (Late June 1985 Demo)

CD6-2Battery (Late June 1985 Demo)

CD6-3Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Late June 1985 Demo)

CD6-4Master Of Puppets (Late June 1985 Demo)

CD6-5Damage Inc. (Late August 1985 Writing In Progress)

CD6-6Leper Messiah (Late August 1985 Demo)

CD6-7Damage Inc. (Late August 1985 Demo)

CD6-8Leper Messiah (Late August 1985 Demo II)

CD6-9Orion (September 1985 Drum Room Demo)

CD6-10The Thing That Should Not Be (September 1985 Writing In Progress)

CD6-11The Thing That Should Not Be (September 1985 Drum Room Demo)

CD6-12The Money Will Roll Right In (September 1985 Drum Room Jam)

CD6-13The Prince (September 1985 Drum Room Jam)

CD6-14Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Late 1985 Guitar Solo Outtakes)

CD6-15Orion (Late 1985 Guitar Solo Outtakes)

CD6-16Orion (Late 1985 Kirk & Lars In The Control Room)

CD7: Live At The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ - April 21st 1986

CD7-1The Ecstasy Of Gold


CD7-3Master Of Puppets

CD7-4For Whom The Bell Tolls

CD7-5Ride The Lightning

CD7-6Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

CD7-7Seek & Destroy

CD7-8Creeping Death

CD7-9Am I Evil?

CD7-10Damage Inc.

CD8: Live At Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA - August 3rd, 1986


CD8-2Master Of Puppets

CD8-3For Whom The Bell Tolls

CD8-4Bass Solo

CD8-5Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

CD8-6Seek & Destroy

CD8-7Creeping Death

CD8-8Am I Evil?

CD8-9Damage Inc.

CD9: Jason's Audition & Live At The Country Club, Reseda, CA - November 8th, 1986

CD9-1Master Of Puppets (First Audition)

CD9-2Battery (First Audition)

CD9-3Seek & Destroy (Second Audition)

CD9-4Creeping Death (Second Audition)

CD9-5Fight Fire With Fire (Second Audition)

CD9-6Master Of Puppets (Live)

CD9-7For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)

CD9-8Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)

CD9-9Ride The Lightning (Live)

CD9-10Guitar Solo (Live)

CD9-11Whiplash (Live)

CD9-12Seek & Destroy (Live)

CD9-13The Four Horsemen (Live)

CD9-14Am I Evil? (Live)

CD9-15Damage Inc. (Live)

CD10: Live At Grugahalle, Essen, West Germany - January 25th, 1987

CD10-1Master Of Puppets (Live)

CD10-2For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)

CD10-3Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)

CD10-4Ride The Lightning (Live)

CD10-5Bass Solo (Live)

CD10-6Whiplash (Live)

CD10-7The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)

CD10-8Creeping Death (Live)

CD10-9The Four Horsemen (Live)

CD10-10Guitar Solo (Live)

CD10-11Am I Evil? (Live)

CD10-12Damage Inc. (Live)

CD10-13Blitzkrieg (Live)

Cassette: Live At Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden - September 26th, 1986

MC1-A1The Ecstasy Of Gold


MC1-A3Master Of Puppets

MC1-A4For Whom The Bell Tolls

MC1-A5Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

MC1-A6Ride The Lightning

MC1-A7(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth


MC1-A9The Thing That Should Not Be

MC1-B1Fade To Black

MC1-B2Seek & Destroy

MC1-B3Creeping Death

MC1-B4The Four Horsemen

MC1-B5Guitar Solo

MC1-B6Am I Evil?

MC1-B7Damage Inc.


MC1-B9Fight Fire With Fire

DVD 1: Live At Joe Louis Arena Detroit,MI - April 4th, 1986

DVD 1-1Master Of Puppets

DVD 1-2For Whom The Bell Tolls

DVD 1-3Ride The Lightning

DVD 1-4Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

DVD 1-5Seek & Destroy

DVD 1-6Creeping Death

DVD 1-7Am I Evil?

DVD 1-8Damage Inc.

DVD 1: Live At Roskilde Festival, Festivwalpladsen, Roskilde, Denmark - July 6th, 1986

DVD 1-9The Ecstasy Of Gold

DVD 1-10Battery

DVD 1-11Master Of Puppets

DVD 1-12For Whom The Bell Tolls

DVD 1-13Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

DVD 1-14(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

DVD 1-15The Four Horsemen

DVD 1-16Fade To Black

DVD 1-17Seek & Destroy

DVD 1-18Creeping Death

DVD 1-19Am I Evil?

DVD 1-20Damage Inc.


DVD 1: MTV Heavy Metal Mania

DVD 1-22Part 1

DVD 1-23Part 2

DVD 1-24Part 3

DVD 2: Live At Aichi Kinro Kaikan, Nagoya, Japan - November 17th, 1986 4th, 1986

DVD 2-1Battery

DVD 2-2Master Of Puppets

DVD 2-3For Whom The Bell Tolls

DVD 2-4Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

DVD 2-5Ride The Lightning

DVD 2-6Bass Solo

DVD 2-7Whiplash

DVD 2-8The Thing That Should Not Be

DVD 2-9Fade To Black

DVD 2-10Seek & Destroy

DVD 2-11Creeping Death

DVD 2-12The Four Horsemen

DVD 2-13Guitar Solo

DVD 2-14Am I Evil?

DVD 2-15Damage Inc.

DVD 2-16Fight Fire With Fire

DVD 2: Masa Ito Interview

DVD 2-17Excerpt From "Music Tomato world"

DVD 2: MTV News Interviews

DVD 2-18James & Kirk

DVD 2-19Lars & Jason Part 1

DVD 2-20Lars & Jason Part 2