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A.C.A.B. The Rest of A.C.A.B LP

RM 130.00


A.C.A.B. are the most important band in the malaysian Oi! scene and many of their records are very hard to get!
just the "Best of" came on vinyl in 2018, there are no other vinyl releases, so here we go again:
The REST of A.C.A.B. contains rare singles and compilation songs and other versions from well known hits!
Limited to 500 copies!

The vinyl comes with additional cd.

Limited to (worldwide):
50x black
100 x red
150 x white
200x yellow

A1 Weeping & wailing
A2 Fight for your rights (Rocksteady version)
A3 On saturdays
A4 A.C.A.B.
A5 Heroin

B1 You lie
B2 We're coming back
B3 Streets of uptown (Original version)
B4 You'll never walk alone
B5 Racial hatred II