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BLIND GUARDIAN TWILIGHT ORCHESTRA Legacy Of The Dark Lands (Limited Edition, Digipak) 2CD

RM 65.00

Legacy of the Dark Lands is the eleventh studio album by German power metal band Blind Guardian, released on November 8, 2019 through Nuclear Blast. It marks a departure from all previous works, as the only instruments performed are those of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, with singer Hansi Kürsch being the only member of the band to perform on the album; due to this, the album is credited to the "Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra" instead of Blind Guardian.

A project worked on by Kürsch and André Olbrich since 1996, it is a concept album set in the 17th century during the Thirty Years' War, and based on the character of Solomon Kane created by Robert E. Howard in 1928; in Legacy of the Dark Lands, Kane's daughter, Aenlin, is looking for her father's legacy in the Habsburg Empire. A tie-in prequel novel, titled The Dark Lands and written by Markus Heitz, was published March 1, 2019.[1] Due to the limited performing line-up, this is Blind Guardian's first album without guitarist Marcus Siepen, and the first album without drummer Frederik Ehmke since 2002's A Night at the Opera; it is also the first album on which Olbrich doesn't perform guitars, although he was still involved as songwriter and producer.

Nuclear Blast ‎– 27361 46930
CD, Album
All Media, Limited Edition, Digipak
08 Nov 2019

1-11618 Overture
1-2The Gathering
1-3War Feeds The War
1-4Comets And Prophecies
1-5Dark Clouds Rising
1-6The Ritual
1-7In The Underworld
1-8A Secret Society
1-9The Great Ordeal
1-11In The Red Dwarf's Tower
1-12Into The Battle
1-14Between The Realms
1-15Point Of No Return
1-16The White Horsemen
1-18Trail And Coronation
1-19Harvester Of Souls
1-20Conquest Is Over
1-21This Storm
1-22The Great Assault
1-23Beyond The Wall
1-24A New Beginnng
2-11618 Overture
2-2War Feeds War
2-3Dark Cloud's Rising
2-4In The Underground
2-5The Great Ordeal
2-6In The Red Dwarf's Tower
2-8Point Of No Return
2-10Harvester Of Souls
2-11This Storm
2-12Beyond The Wall