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THE BLUETONES Superior Quality Recordings 1994-2002 (Deluxe Edition Box Set) 6CD

RM 145.00

Label:    Edsel Records – EDSL0080X


Box Set, Deluxe Edition

CD, Album, Reissue, Stereo

CD, Compilation, Stereo

CD, Album, Reissue, Stereo

CD, Album, Compilation, Reissue, Stereo

CD, Album, Reissue, Stereo

CD, Compilation, Stereo

Country:    Europe

Released:    Aug 10, 2021

Genre:    Rock

Style:    Alternative Rock, Britpop, Indie Rock

Expecting To Fly    

CD1-1        Talking To Clarry

CD1-2        Bluetonic

CD1-3        Cut Some Rug

CD1-4        Things Change

CD1-5        The Fountainhead

CD1-6        Carnt Be Trusted

CD1-7        Slight Return

CD1-8        Putting Out Fires

CD1-9        Vampire

CD1-10        A Parting Gesture

CD1-11        Time & Again

Expecting To Fly: A- And B-Sides    

CD2-1        Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?

CD2-2        String Along

CD2-3        Driftwood

CD2-4        Colorado Beetle

CD2-5        Glad To See Y'Back Again

CD2-6        Don't Stand Me Down

CD2-7        Nae Hair On't

CD2-8        Castle Rock

CD2-9        The Devil Behind My Smile

CD2-10        Marblehead Johnson

CD2-11        The Simple Things

CD2-12        Nifkin's Bridge

Bonus Demos    

CD2-13        Time & Again [4-Track Demo]

CD2-14        Cut Some Rug [4-Track Demo]

CD2-15        Putting Out Fires [4-Track Demo]

The Early Garage Years    

CD3-1        Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?

CD3-2        Talking To Clarry

CD3-3        Carnt Be Trusted

CD3-4        Slight Return

CD3-5        No. 11 (Bluetonic)

CD3-6        The Fountainhead

CD3-7        Time And Again

CD3-8        Cut Some Rug

CD3-9        Talking To Clarry

CD3-10        Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?

Return To The Last Chance Saloon    

CD4-1        Tone Blooze

CD4-2        Unpainted Arizona

CD4-3        Solomon Bites The Worm

CD4-4        U. T. A.

CD4-5        4-Day Weekend

CD4-6        Sleazy Bed Track

CD4-7        If...

CD4-8        The Jub-Jub Bird

CD4-9        Sky Will Fall

CD4-10        Ames

CD4-11        Down At The Reservoir

CD4-12        Heard You Were Dead

CD4-13        Broken Starr

Return To The Last Chance Saloon: B-Sides    

CD4-14        I Was A Teenage Jesus

CD4-15        I Walked All Night

CD4-16        Blue Shadows

CD4-17        The Watchman

CD4-18        The Ballad Of Muldoon

CD4-19        Blue

CD4-20        Mr. Soul

CD4-21        Pretty Ballerina

CD4-22        Woman Done Gone Left Me

Science & Nature    

CD5-1        Zorrro

CD5-2        The Last Of The Great Navigators

CD5-3        Tiger Lily

CD5-4        Mudslide

CD5-5        One Speed Gearbox

CD5-6        Blood Bubble

CD5-7        Autophilia Or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Car"

CD5-8        Keep The Home Fires Burning

CD5-9        The Basement Song

CD5-10        Slack Jaw

CD5-11        Emily's Pine

Science & Nature: A- And B-Sides Etc.    

CD6-1        Armageddon (Outta Here)

CD6-2        The Favourite Son

CD6-3        Be Careful What You Dream

CD6-4        Please Stop Talking

CD6-5        Keep The Home Fires Burning [Radio Version]

CD6-6        Thought You'd Be Taller

CD6-7        It's A Boy

CD6-8        Soup Du Jour

CD6-9        Vostok Of Love

CD6-10        Mudslide [Radio Edit]

CD6-11        Keep The Home Fires Burning [US Version]

CD6-12        Zero Tolerance

CD6-13        Fock Da Brain-Hole

CD6-14        Mudslide [Shandy Weather Version]

CD6-15        After Hours

CD6-16        Groovy Roussos

CD6-17        Sail On Sailor

CD6-18        Reverse Cow Girl

CD6-19        Woman In Love

CD6-20        Ingimarsson

CD6-21        Freeze Dried Pop (Dumb It Up)

CD6-22        Persuasion

CD6-23        The Bluetones Big Score

CD6-24        That's Life