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ULVER Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell CD.jpg

ULVER Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell CD

RM 65.00

Jester Records ‎– TRICK001, Jester Records ‎– TRICK 001
2 × CD, Album, Repress, Slipcase
Electronic, Rock
Industrial, Experimental, Ambient, Breaks

1-1The Argument Plate 24:03
1-2Plate 32:48
1-3Plate 31:33
1-4The Voice Of The Devil Plate 42:50
1-5Plates 5-62:31
1-6A Memorable Fancy Plates 6-74:24
1-7Proverbs Of Hell Plates 7-109:06
1-8Plate 112:01
1-10A Memorable Fancy Plates 12-135:59
1-11Plate 142:09
1-12A Memorable Fancy Plate 154:51
1-13Plates 16-173:18
2-1A Memorable Fancy Plates 17-2011:24
2-3Plates 21-223:12
2-4A Memorable Fancy Plates 22-244:50
2-6.1A Song Of Liberty Plates 25-275:33
2-6.2(no audio)0:20
2-6.3(no audio)0:20
2-6.4(no audio)0:20
2-6.5(no audio)0:20
2-6.6(no audio)0:20
2-6.7(no audio)0:20
2-6.8(no audio)0:20
2-6.9(no audio)0:20
2-6.10(no audio)0:20
2-6.11(no audio)0:20
2-6.12(no audio)0:20
2-6.13(no audio)0:20
2.6.13(no audio)0:20
2-6.14(no audio)0:20
2-6.15(no audio)0:20
2-6.16(no audio)0:20
2-6.17(no audio)0:20
2-6.18(no audio)0:20
2-6.19(no audio)0:20
2-6.20(no audio)0:20
2-6.21(no audio)0:20
2-6.22(no audio)0:20
2-6.23(no audio)0:20
2-6.24(no audio)0:20
2-6.25(no audio)0:20
2-6.26(no audio)0:20
2.6.27(no audio)0:20
2-6.28(no audio)0:20
2-6.29(no audio)0:20
2-6.30(no audio)0:20
2-6.31(no audio)0:20
2-6.32(no audio)0:20
2-6.33(no audio)0:20
2-6.34(no audio)0:20
2-6.35(no audio)0:20
2-6.36(no audio)0:20
2-6.37(no audio)0:20
2-6.38(no audio)0:20
2-6.39(no audio)0:20
2-6.40(no audio)0:20
2-6.41(no audio)0:20
2-6.42(no audio)0:20
2-6.43(no audio)0:20
2-6.44(no audio)0:20
2-6.45(no audio)0:20
2-6.46(no audio)0:20
2-6.47(no audio)0:20
2-6.48(no audio)0:20
2-6.49(no audio)0:20
2-6.50(no audio)0:20
2-6.51(no audio)0:20
2-6.52(no audio)0:20
2-6.53(no audio)0:20
2-6.54(no audio)0:20
2-6.55(no audio)0:20
2-6.56(no audio)0:20
2-6.57(no audio)0:20
2-6.58(no audio)0:20
2-6.59(no audio)0:20
2-6.60(no audio)0:20
2-6.61(no audio)0:05
2-6.62(no audio)0:05
2-6.63(no audio)0:05
2-6.64(no audio)0:04
2-6.65(no audio)0:04